As a scalable and future proof platform, INVIT is fully customisable to meet any demand you might have.

To make the experience as enjoyable and easy as possible, the user interface is familiar to most people and offers
a seamless integration with a multitude of hand-held devices and laptop computers.

INVIT by People of Lava

An infotainment solution that provides relevant content to You and Your guests. It requires no extra servers or additional hardware investments.
INVIT brings You closer to Your guests.
This is the future of hotel infotainment.

What are the benefits for Your guests?

With INVIT you can easily provide information and give them access to
a multitude of entertainment options and services.

Relevant Information

With individual profiles INVIT can target each guest and focus  on communicating the right information at the right time.

Better Entertainment

Instant online access and on-demand entertainment through a user friendly interface or interconnect with their own smart devices.

Optional services

Based on personal preferences, hotel and third party services can be tailored to each individual.

A feeling of home.

“We want to offer our guests a richer experience.
They’re smart, well travelled and have high standards.
A more personal stay means that our guests return and with
INVIT we can give them the feeling of being at home.”

Hotel Manager, Avenue Hotel Copenhagen

What are the benefits for You?

With INVIT you can cut costs, provide a richer guest experience and increase your revenue.

Save money

Low operating costs, a marginal capital investment, no local storage and minimal maintenance will cut daily expenses.

Improve service

Exceed expectations by providing a more relevant entertainment selection to your guests.

Sell more

By anticipating guest behaviour you can increase hotel consumption and third party sales by targeted offers.


Guest Features

We believe that Guest Experience is key to a successful Infotainment System.
A recognisable interface paired with great apps and services makes the end product outstanding.

INVIT has recognisable apps and a familiar User Interface. With our ergonomic Air-mouse-controlled remote, navigation is easy and intuitive. A rigorous security protocol ensures Guest Integrity Protection.


Our entertainment features include Linear and Local Catch up TV as well as Video Streaming, Subscription and On-Demand services for Film and Music. You can also choose from a large selection of popular games.

Content Sharing

Guests accustomed to Media Sharing are not left out. INVIT uses Airplay or DLNA streaming to share media directly to the TV from personal devices.

Hotel Services

All hotels supply a myriad of services. INVIT can facilitate anything from Wake-up calls, Laundry and Room Service to Dining reservations and Spa bookings. It also provide your guests with messages and friendly reminders.

Complimentary Services

Most hotels have a working relationship with local companies.
Taxi, Car rentals, Public Transportation, Ticket sales and local tourist advice
will enrich your guests stay in your city.

INVIT can also give Travel advice and flight information as well as third party offers.

Nothing but the best.

”I’ve always had high ambitions. So when it came down to choosing TV’s for Hotel Dorsia, it wasn’t just about finding a good product. What I wanted was a level of service that we ourselves provide for our guests. Nothing but the best is good enough and INVIT has met every expectation!”

THOMAS PETERSEN - Hotel Manager, Hotel Dorsia

Hotel Features

A good infotainment system delivers
an outstanding guest experience.
A great system offers much more.

With a powerful PMS integration and cloud based infrastructure INVIT is not only innovative,
but also stable, reliable and flexible.

INVIT is powered by Android.


The User Interface can be easily localised to match the look and feel of your hotel.
Our system offers multi language support and the ability for custom control over special
features, applications and third party integration. This makes INVIT a truly flexible solution.

Infrastructure & security

INVIT uses the Android software platform to ensure stability and versatility. With a cloud based infrastructure
on-site storage and servers are eliminated. This means minimal maintenance and a future proof smart technology.
Encrypted communication guarantees guest integrity and security.

PMS Integration

To gain access to the most powerful functions of the INVIT system we provide a Web based CMS via a PMS plug-in.
This allows you to manage hotel services, communicate messages, offers and advertising. You can even use
public area TVs as Digital Signage and localise apps and communication according to nationality.
It also gives you extensive billing options and the ability to track and analyse guest-behaviour.

Survey and Feedback

The built-in Feedback tool that lets you conduct smarter surveys with instant guest feedback. This generates a high response rate making it possible to anticipate guest behaviour.

The Enhanced Feedback Tool* offers a customisable questionnaire, an online industry comparison and the ability to compare data and over time.

*Optional extension

Support and updates

No system is fail safe. Therefore we have four lines of support operating 24-7 and
a 36 month swap-warranty. Together with the ability for remote monitoring,
configuration and system updates we can guarantee a minimum of down time.

INVIT Infotainment System versus traditional Hotel TV.

Compared to traditional systems INVIT relies on a simple interface in each room and
a working internet connection. That's it. It's simple, intuitive and cost effective.
Traditional systems demands on-site servers and storage as well as expensive support and maintenance.

Cloud content

Admin access



Admin access

Traditional System





PMS plugin

The INVIT system is compatible with most modern Hotel TV-sets an the installation is non-intrusive and easy.
It connects to your existing network via Wifi or Ethernet and comes with Anti-theft support.

A more modern choice.

”INVIT offers a unique solution that gives us unlimited options to customise our services. Thanks to a modern, smart technology, People of Lava are able to provide us with a business model that feels contemporary and new but also adds tremendous value for our guests. It was simply a more modern choice.”

PAUL LUKES - General Manager at Elite Park Avenue Hotel

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